Who is ann margret dating

Of all Elvis' leading ladies, Ann-Margret will always be Number One.

Not because she was the sexiest, or the best actress (although she certainly qualifies on both counts!

It's probably why is still one of the best-remembered of both Elvis' and AM's films.

Watching the film today, what comes across is two talented stars at the peak of their confidence, enjoying each other's company, and having fun!

Ann-Margret, 76, said the secret to their long-lasting relationship was laughter." data-reactid="49"Ann-Margret, 76, said the secret to their long-lasting relationship was laughter.“We laugh at ourselves. If you can’t laugh at yourself, you are in trouble.

The actress and singer told PEOPLE the secret to their marriage was quite simple.“We both want it to work.

In fact, the very contrast between "wild in public" and "shy in person" was one of their most notable similarities. Oh, yeah, and they both kind of liked music a little bit, too!

Although the British press reported them engaged, AM and Elvis soon went their separate ways.

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Following the death of actor Roger Smith, his wife, Ann-Margret, is doing her best to cope with the loss.



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