Who is brian puspos dating


She has already worked with some big names such as Maxime Magazine, Fox Sports, Xbox LIVE, and few more.

Besides this, she is also a social media celebrity with almost 523k followers on Facebook and 129k followers on Instagram.

Even though another person replied to his original tweet, commenting that YG Entertainment and i KON credited him, Brian seemed to disagree that giving him credit was enough.

Moments after deleting his original tweet, Brian then tweeted, and deleted the following message: Brian has worked with SM Entertainment in the past, helping choreograph Super Junior Zhoumi‘s dance for “Rewind” and SHINee‘s Japanese track “Downtown Baby” among others.

This may also contain additional contact information, giving you more ways to get in touch.


As of now, she is in a relationship with Brian Puspos.In 2011, she also became one of Maxim Magazines Top 10 Hometown Hotties.



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