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These days, the menu features almost 40 pizzas with names just as creative as their topping combinations, but the Avalanche is their most well-known, featuring barbecue sauce, mozzarella, provolone, Cheddar, red onions, blackened chicken, and bacon — a pizza that will need a similarly signature beverage, say the house-brewed and assertively hopped Fairweather IPA. The name Burt Katz is just about as synonymous with pizza as you can get in Chicago.He got into the game of opening pizzerias with literature-references for names in 1963 when he got involved with Inferno (since closed).Jersey-style generally refers to a Trenton-style tomato pizza where the cheese goes down first and is then topped by a sauce heavy on tomato flavor, sometimes even topped by hand-crushed tomatoes.At O4WP, it means hand-stretched dough made fresh daily and topped with housemade (one word, per AP) sauce and hand-pulled mozzarella cooked Sicilian-style, wood-fired in a gas deck-oven.Then there was Gulliver’s, which opened in 1965, where he stayed until 1971, And Pequod’s (named for Captain Ahab’s ship in Moby Dick), which he opened in 1971 and sold in 1986.The years have been kind to his legacy at his former spots, but his success has bulwarked at Burt’s Place, launched in 1989.Metro Pizza (born in 1980 as Original New York Pizza, and renamed in 1986 when they expanded) has been making handcrafted pies with dough made fresh daily and superior ingredients for 30-plus years.


You can top your pizza with more than 30 toppings, but we suggest you order the Finocchiona specialty pie: fennel salami, red onion, red sauce, smoked mozzarella, pecorino, and rosemary. The brainchild of chefs Justin Flit and Matt De Pante, the two year-old Proof is a welcoming and casual spot that’s turning out some of the city’s finest pizzas with zero pretension.Inferno is closed Mondays and Tuesdays, and stays open only until they run out of dough. Michael Sohocki had already achieved a level of renown in San Antonio with his Gwendolyn and Kimura before deciding to build his own brick pizza oven and open Il Forno last year.It’s already being hailed as the best pizzeria in town, with added perks like an in-house charcuterie program and mozzarella made in-house from local milk.Since 2012, The Daily Meal has ranked America’s best pizzas, and it’s been a half-decade that’s seen America’s pizza landscape go from spectacular to otherworldly.

It’s no small feat to set out to rank the best pizzas in America, but for the sixth year in a row, we’ve sought the nation's best pies and slices, considering more places than ever in our quest for the best.Chef Tony Conte honed his chops as executive chef of D.



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