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However, both of them want to ‘Break Free’ from these restraints and take ownership of their own destiny. As the writer puts it, it’s “Animal Farm, but with a lot more singing, dancing and basketball.” Just a few highlights from the in depth article that you to read to believe: Our heroic characters are two youngsters who have been brought up in various systems which are designed to hold them in their positions.They giggled happily, Ryan pulling her backwards behind the curtain of the stage.

Ryan and Kelsi wore identical shocked expressions, before they looked at each other, and couldn't help it. A/N: Whoa, my first High School Musical fic is a Ryelsi fic.

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He was quicker though, wrapping his arms around her waist and pulling her back to him."Then stop telling me to 'shhh' if you want me to giggle." She shook her head, "Contradicting yourself? Before he could reply, they heard the unmistakable slam of the door to the auditorium opening. " Sharpay droned into her phone, "It was expected for me to get that part of course!

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