Who is teddy riley dating


The closer we get to the premiere of Love and Hip Hop Hollywood, the more interesting the cast seems.

In the official press release for the series Mona Scott stated that Soulja Boy’s relationship with his girlfriend Nia Riley will be one of the story lines.

That really surprises me because usually when a woman is in a relationship with another woman, they tend to stay with women, for her to be with Soul Ja Boy tells me she is not a bisexual but a trisexual.

I know we can’t look at her and hope she doesn’t make her legagcy look bad but I don’t know what kind of dad she had, all I know is he knew how to create songs.

So, when the hookah picture surfaced fans assumed she was dating Lil Fuzz.



Teddy has written over 200 songs and over 30 have charted on Billboard Hot 100.I am anticipating the premiere of Love and Hip Hop Hollywood and Mona Scott-Young is a genius whether you agree with her shows or not, I believe in a smart beautiful black woman that is taking over.



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