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Seems everyone who walks the path of Wicca has something to say about Scott.... It can be done at any phase of the moon, during the day or night, whenever needed.) You’ll need one large white or pink bowl; one white candle; water; small, fresh flowers (white blooms are best) and one piece of white cotton cloth. Mentally pour all of your troubles, problems, pains, sorrows, and illnesses, if any, into this petition as you construct it. Our calendar year is somewhat arbitrary and unnatural — out of alignment with the cycle of the solar year.

It was March 28th, 1993, when Scott Cunningham passed over into Summerland.

Yet it seems it hasn't put a dent in the work he had taken upon himself. Before the rite, make up a small cloth pouch filled with herbs such as lavender, chamomile, St. The Wiccan Rede has the distinction of being a core tenet of the faith.



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