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That was our hostess, but not with her husband, but some other guy. I commented on how great he looked to his age and that my beloved wife definitely liked him, and he said that it took him 2 years to build up such a form.Jessica was really having the time, she attracted much attention. There Jessica pointed me at the couple kissing in a corner. Anyway, he looked really great, sun tanned body, strong massive muscles playing under his Hawaiian shirt, broad shoulders.Well, it was more than just kissing, more nursing and caressing. I know that people do this during parties, but I’ won’t do it with you” “Well, honey I saw Arnold staring at you, he definitely wants to make it out with you! When he caught us watching him, he came over and handed Jessica a new drink to replace the empty glass she was holding.Though we had lived (and still live) in full harmony and order with each other, very soon I realized that there was nobody to help us, than ourselves, so all of my efforts and tasks were focused on supporting our family and making all necessary things to provide a secure future for my wife.

Little did she cared about all of that nuances, because in soul she was still that young careless easy minded girl who got addicted to things come easily.Perhaps we did like it, I can even admit that she wanted some of that, but none of us did the first step towards new revelations.



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