Windows microsoft vista turn automatic updating off

This was causing a delay of a full minute when the initial request was made It ran in Win PE where hand clicking through the local group policy editor was not an option.

There also is no way I am aware of to register a root authority in this environment and it is running in an incredibly restricted environment so it can not access windows update (not that it would find our corporate CA there anyway).

It involved fast and slow rings, which controlled how frequently updates were installed on the participant’s devices depending on which ring they belonged to.



However, this behavior may also have a significant impact over how easily malware spreads through Windows systems connected to the Internet.As a result, Microsoft has changed its patching scheme for the latest iteration of Windows in an effort to keep the window of vulnerability as small as possible.Throughout the entire Technical Preview a whole new scheme for updating Windows 10 was used.The registry value you are looking for is Domain policies override local settings.

That's how they're supposed to work (they'd be rather useless otherwise).

In the image above, the top portion shows the group policy entries, while the bottom shows the values in the registry when both the automatic download and install of updates and the offer to update to the latest version of Windows options are turned off (enabled) under build 10041.


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