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So, each week, we had a list of members who were due for a date and it was imperative that we set them up and send them out.Each morning, the Directors would sit down with the Coordinators and we’d go over the list of clients who were due for dates and discuss who would be a good match for them.I actually applied to this position as a little joke to myself.I had quit a job the week prior with nothing lined up, and in the midst of all my serious job applications, I saw this one.Inevitably, Beth came up on our list of clients who had to be matched in order for us to hit our quota, and we all got very nervous about setting her up with Sam, but we did it because we had to.Fast forward eight months later when Beth and Sam got married!For that reason, the men were given a specific point of contact so they felt that they were only confiding in one person who was their “champion” of sorts, and with whom they could develop a strong client relationship.


For the most part, we really wanted to do our jobs well and make our clients happy, but a lot of the process is luck and numbers and unpredictable chemistry, which we had no control over.

I didn’t think it was weird, and not because I thought I was already well-equipped to be a matchmaker, but because I assumed it was the type of role that was best learned by doing. He was a numbers guy, and I don’t think he decided to buy a matchmaking franchise because he’s a sucker for love.



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    For nonliving substances, scientists use other isotopes, such as potassium-40.

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