Wow armory not updating 4 3 Free thai webchat

Times when it took no joke, 60 people to kill naggy and Vox was the closest thing to imposable there was.It's an old weapon that has out lived its glory days, better weapons drop of 15th level mobs now a days, and in much larger quantities.~Torallion "I'd love to be the one to dissapoint you when I don't fall down."Pain Mistress Okami L`Assundre of Tarew Marr Dark Elf Shadow Knight Drinal (Tarew) Retired after 500 days /played Deleted num=96950 Retired again Call me old-fashioned, but I still like the SSo Y's.Yes, there's better weapons out there now, but with 203 Dex, these babies hum. If not I'll put them away for less aggro-drawing weapons..with great sadness and reluctance. I know because my ranger has 2 int he bank, but the weaker wood elf body just doesnt do well with the low end base damage....



I have 5 combines worth of materials, and a troll smith willing to do my combines (I have a near GM smith , but hes human). Anyway, the point is, the plain old SSOY is kind of getting dated, with the 3.0 ratio. Now I can see why this has been purchsed for so little.

I have it on good authority that all Ykesha weaps proc at 36. I traded a skyfire for the SS Ykesha and the Dragon Horn Ykesha. i solo most of the time so i dont worry abt agro will these be good to duel weild ? only lev 36 so wont proc yet so im using the centi till then. thanks I made 24 stacks of kiola for some guy and he payed me 360pp and gave me this weapon...


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