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You will never have to wonder ‘what if i tried a little harder’. Instead of talking about yourself, ask questions and get your date talking.He'll remember what a great conversation he had with you.” -Melanie Young, life coach Want more of Bustle's Sex and Relationships coverage?You are amazing just the way you are and if you ever feel that you cannot be yourself with a prospective life partner, decide to end the relationship as soon as possible so that you don’t waste any of your time.” - Carmen Parks, self-belief coach and trainer“When you think about dating, what thoughts come up? Write them down, then turn each of them around into a more positive thought or question you can adopt.For example: ‘Dating is hard work’ becomes ‘How can I make dating more playful and fun?Make her a nice snack and that you will see her when you return.” -Joda Coolidge M. But, look at every experience as part of the process to obtain your desire.Ed., CPCC, CPPC, CHHC, director of life coaching, NAVA Health and Vitality Centers.“First dates are like a job interview, but don't take it too seriously. Notice what happens for you and for the other person. With this new lens, every experience becomes something that you can learn from.Why not choose a person who you can experience that with? Every source is a potential person for a love match.

From really getting in touch with your inner dialogue to changing your perspective straight out of the gate, here are 14 ridiculously helpful pieces of advice from 15 life coaches who know how to shake things up:"The dating world can be exhausting, especially if you’re a bit of a serial dater and not really connecting with anyone.

You get a peek into a different version of life through the eyes of another person.

You visit with a fresh personality whose life journey is rich with a variety of unique experiences.

’ Shifting to more positive thoughts will significantly improve your dating experience.” - Pam Bauer, life coach“Use positivity to attract your partner.

That negative energy just attracts more negative energy.

But if you're in a bad, toxic, or abusive relationship I'll hep you recognize how it's wrong for you and support you to get out and feel good about it.



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