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"Your soft curls frame your pretty face just right.

I will only apologize that the broom ride was unexpected, because it certainly did nothing to lessen how stunning you look today."What ought to have sounded cheesy and stupid had her blushing like a novice who had never been given a complement and when he leaned in to kiss her she kissed him back without reservation.

Plus she found her irritation difficult to hold onto when she was desperately trying to hold onto her composure and sanity as they hurled through time and space like maniacs.

He swept a wide turn, tilting the broom and her hands flung out without her consent to dig into his forearms to feel more stable, leaning back hard against him for balance.


Just because she had grown to appreciate his humor and complexity and downright sexiness did not mean the boy wasn't still Draco Malfoy and all that entailed.

The smoke around his motives remained as foggy as ever.

Case in point he'd shown up with his flipping broom. He also knew she couldn't balk at leaving with him in front of the boys after all that had happened.

Her emotions had been jerked back and forth far more than her body on this broom flight. Vexation and fear on one stuttered breath and the next she was flooded with desire and want and overwhelming affection for him.


If she hadn't been in need of professional intervention for her mental state when she had embarked on this journey she would definitely need it when it was over."I supposed you want to land and apparate rather than fly into London." He murmured in her ear, close enough to the sensitive lobe not to have his words wash away in the wind.She was forced to act like it was no big deal to climb on that teeny tiny twig of a deathtrap and smile as if she had no problem with it at all. They could have skipped, or hopped, or called for a carriage.



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