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property as appropriate to gain access to the resource.There is no get accessor to this property for security reasons.I used the standard SOAP schema for this, but changed the process Contents attribute of the soap:body element from lax to strict, so that the contents of the message gets validated. ); // The schemas make use of import and include, so an Xml Url Resolver is needed Xml Url Resolver ur = new Xml Url Resolver(); // Impersonates the user, but all auth users will have access to the schemas ur. Default Creandler = new Validation Event Handler (Validation Call Back); // The Schema Collection depends on which form was submitted. Get Response(); Right now I have Share Point forms that can submit themselves to various places (such as Web Services, Share Point document libraries or Forms Libraries). Return Status = true; return; The end result is a very flexible and configurable Enterprise Document Management System.The form namespace, set // as a request header in the Info Path form script, is used to determine which schemas will be used for validation Xml Schema Collection xsc = new Xml Schema Collection(); xsc. Map Path(schema Base P; // Finally, load the the XML and validate! Load(validator); If the form is invalid, my delegate will get called, and I can handle the error any way I choose. The form does an internal transformation to format the results in an HTML format that is submitted to Share Point, or it can submit the actual XML to a Share Point Info Path form library. We use Reporting Service to display data from the database (which is the point of submitting to a web service in the first place, along with validation).Here's an untested example, but this is basically how it goes from the web service end: string s Url = " Site Root/personal/michaels/Shared Documents/"; Web Request req = new Web Request(s Url); req. The project team can comment on any part of the Test Specification. Once a Spec is finallized, it's submitted to a Share Point Forms Library for permanent reference. The Info Path form that is posted to the web service is processed by an Soap Extenstion (which I wrote based on the Web Services Enhancement V 1.0 from Microsoft).


The Xml Resolver property of the Xml Document is used by the Xml Document class to locate resources that are not inline in the XML data, such as external document type definitions (DTDs), entities, and schemas.I do this with the last schema, which enumerates the various form versions that are still allowed to submit.Insider_Trading_Allowed_Fo There are also schemas for the SOAP message itself.I need assistance with the code in the web service (C# preferably) so it submits to the Share Point Forms library and an example on how to interrogate the XML data from within the web service so I can perform server side validation on the data?? Cheers, I've built a pretty complete application that does essentially what you're describing, and also supports updating a database (for reporting purposes) before the form is saved.

The next version will save out to Share Point (at this point, forms that are saved to Share Point are doing so from the form itself, because of a business requirement).

This is all controlled from custom configuration handlers in the web.config.



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